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We provide an extensive service package where we inspect all aspects of your vehicle and will report any items of concern. We will not continue with repairs until we have spoken to you, explained the problem and got the go ahead from you, the customer.



Our company provides tuning for all vehicles and has access to the latest computer technology to diagnose problems with your vehicle.

We can take care of your brakes and disc as required.


We advised to have your service done every 10,000 kms or 6 months which ever comes first. We charge a reasonable fee to service your vehicle and then charge for which ever parts we use.

We service all makes and Models of vehicles and don't charge extra for European Cars.

We can provide Log Book services just make sure you have your log book so we can stamp your book for you.


With our vast experience with all makes and models we can check and replace all worn suspension components to keep you driving safely on the road.

We can also supply tyres and wheel alignments when required.

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